Where uses GPS to send you info on where you are. It helps you find nearby restaurants, movies, gas stations etc. wherever you are. However, in order for this app to work easily, you need to have Blackberry Maps installed on your phone. You can enter your info manually, but it was a bit slow. […]

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O – Online video sites like YouTube are big with moms! Over 80 percent of moms look for online videos to see a product in action. Do you have a product that “does” something or “looks” a certain way? Do you perform a service? Reach more moms with a video of it! You can get […]

Strategies help you to win. But what does winning mean in relation to strategies? Is it about market share? Is it about the money or fame? Objectives really need to be measurable. It is like a video game wherein in order to win, you have to have the highest score. It is March madness in […]

Automated with advisors. This is a feature that should definitely be present when you choose a trading program. Platforms like Metatrader 4 are already automated. This means you can set your preferences and then leave the software running. You will be alerted in case a trend in trading meets your preferences. This automation allows you […]