Laser pointer pen displacement sensor has the advantages of accurate measurement, wide measurement range, easy maintenance, high durability and so on

Laser pointer pen semiconductor epitaxial structure from the electronics is a p-n structure, which is from the perspective of optical waveguide structure. For different wavelength devices, the epitaxial structure materials will be different with the wavelength of different material system. For example, blue and green with GaN as the substrate material, with diode laser as quantum well materials; devices from 600 nm to 1250 nm, most powerful laser is a material system based on quantum laser beams according to the need to select the wavelength of different materials.laser-pointer-pen1

With the laser pointer pen high-end industrial applications, especially in military applications such as traction, the potential demand for high power, high beam quality of solid diode laser.Most powerful laser technology development just unfolding have high conversion efficiency, good beam quality, thermal management is simple, flexible and a series of advantages, has become a hot research technology of high power laser beams all solid state.laser-pointer-pen2

Laser pointer pen due to thermal effects, the nonlinear effects of fiber damage, pump coupling, mode field diameter and other factors, the diode laser output single-mode fiber is limited in the Watts magnitude, to obtain a higher power level, the need to adopt multi beam beam mode, the rapid development of the main coherent most powerful laser. Coherent combination can theoretically infinite synthesis power, but because of laser beams spatial  sake.laser-pointer-pen3

Laser pointer pen is generally only in the gain bandwidth of gain medium in the synthesis of limited power, but the design is relatively simple, the beam stability and control requirements, but also to achieve the diffraction limit of diode laser most powerful laser is currently the quality, achieve high power, good selection of high beam quality laser beams output.laser-pointer-pen4

Use laser pointer pen as the cutting tool is using the principle of material scribing, gasification

High power energy system laser pointer pen as the storage unit is an important part of the diode laser device, it is provided to meet the energy load of xenon lamp, excitation pulse power and waveform requirements. Automatic control system of computer automatic detection and control of the energy system, a closed-loop control, improve the system stability, most powerful laser. The safety signal isolation system. The photoelectric isolation technology to achieve the insulation system the main discharge circuit and control system based on the improved ability of anti electromagnetic interference and safety of laser beams.laser-pointer-pen1

The output of laser pointer pen power amplifier system supporting the development of energy unit and measurement and control unit adopts the grounding circuit to discharge high voltage vacuum switch is diode laser as the core, the circuit structure is simple, compact, easy to most powerful laser, laser beams modular, elevation and suppression of electromagnetic interference and ground potential.


Laser pointer pen high power circuit (main discharge circuit) using optical fiber communication to achieve photoelectric isolation, in order to solve the main discharge circuit of high power pulse interference on measurement and control system. The level control system of diode laser gives control commands, receive and run data output system,.Most powerful laser receiving control instruction to the host computer through the optical fiber. The flood interface receives the solid state relay, voltage regulating module and other devices running laser beams to achieve control of the operation process.


Laser pointer pen is focused into a very small spot, the focus to achieve high power density. When the diode laser input is far more than the heat conduction or material reflection, diffusion, most powerful laser the material is heated to the vaporization degree, laser beams evaporated to form holes.laser-pointer-pen4

What’s the power of the biggest laser pointer pen you’ve ever seen? Can you light a match?

Laser pointer pen has become an integral part of the manufacturing technology of thin film preparation. Especially in thin film solar cell processing, diode laser structure composed of single layer deposition is usually used in diode pumped solid state  to complete most powerful laser, using the laser beams profile, different wavelength and pulse length (nanosecond range).

With traditional methods such as mechanical needle engraved or wet chemical etch, laser pointer pen on film caused by mechanical stress is the smallest, and can easily lead to avoid chemical treatment. Despite the objections of ultrashort pulsed diode laser system has been scientifically proved to achieve better most powerful laser and higher productivity, currently used for film line the most advanced industrial laser beams ablation system is still nanosecond pulse Q diode pumped solid state laser.

Use laser pointer pen to generate flat top beam profile can bring further benefits, is likely the diode laser foot round into a square or rectangular. Usually, the formation of  by pulsed most powerful laser circular laser beams will make the formation of zigzag pattern in erosion along the road, causing unnecessary machinery in the film stress.

Laser pointer pen is usually in the focal plane shows the diffraction limit of single mode diode laser. according to the rule of thumb is refracted through a beam shaping element, diffraction limit minimum most powerful laser than the plastic spot at least 4 times. But the smallest characteristic diameter limit, refraction beam shaping element can generate contour in the range up to 1 cm of flat topped beams inside, can also be used for multimode laser beams.

Fiber laser beams beams has become a hot spot in the development of semiconductor pumped solid state lasers in recent years.

With the development of pen technology in high power semiconductor laser pointer pen, diode laser in the solid semiconductor device greatly overcomes the efficiency of lamp pumped solid state most powerful laser is low, it is difficult to expand the scale, increase brightness scale with limited beam quality lead to the decline of medium thermal deformation. With the decline of semiconductor laser beams array the price and improve the performance of solid state laser, high power will get more extensive application. Although the relative and lamp pump has advantages and competitiveness.laser-pointer-pen-1

But because in the laser pointer pen is always a part of energy in the non radiative transition way into heat, for conventional rod, high power when there are serious thermal lens and thermal birefringence effect, which makes the diode laser quality. How this part of the heat energy emitted from the rod like most powerful laser medium laser beams, ruled out as a high quality, high power output of the key.


The massive laser pointer pen medium made very thin or elongated fiber shape, will effectively increase the radiating surface and the surface area / volume ratio is greatly improved, is conducive to solving the problem of heat dissipation for solid diode laser, this is most powerful laser for high power solid state of the development of the two main directions: laser beams device and fiber lasers.laser-pointer-pen-2

For the conventional single-mode fiber laser pointer pen is injected into the pump core requirements of light must be for single mode, which limits the pump input efficiency, resulting in optical fiber diode laser converter output power and low efficiency. Double clad fiber is proposed, which provides effective approach to improve the output power and the conversion efficiency of   most powerful laser fiber laser beams, changed only a small power photonic device history.


We are in the eve of the laser pointer pen industry, is the eve of the rise, where laser display support for the laser industry is very important

Laser pointer pen is born as the mainstream direction of laser development and stable development for a period of time. After high powered pointer became the mainstream of solid , and gas lasers (especially CO2 laser) the highest peak power peak power development slow.10 m most powerful laser high peak power is achieved than solid in the 1 m wavelength laser from the low 2 to 3 orders of magnitude (respectively and TW petawatt). Burning laser pointer is introduced into the mainstream direction is to reduce the gas laser and solid state laser peak power and the main countermeasures of the gap between the longer development.laser-pointer-pen-2

Long distance laser pointer pen communication link, distributed amplifier can compensate the attenuation of the signal in the transmission process. In order to realize the transmission of almost no loss in the fiber, the scientists used various methods to make the high powered laser pointer transmission gain, and realize the amplifier spontaneous emission (ASE) noise controlled by transfer of. Most powerful laser as a Raman laser provides a solution to achieve approximate lossless transmission and the burning laser pointer noise to a minimum.laser-pointer-pen-3

The main pump laser pointer pen from two power equal to the wavelength of 1365nm laser were injected into the silicon single-mode fiber from both ends, the structure of bidirectional pumping have to be combined with high powered laser pointer  is located at both ends of the fiber Prague grating reflector and optical fiber. In order to most powerful laser pumped most Stokes peak matching set the center wavelength of the grating is burning laser pointer.laser-pointer-pen-1

The grating and the whole laser pointer pen to form a laser cavity, if the main pump power is greater than the SRS threshold necessary to overcome the central wavelength of the high powered laser  pointer attenuation, is the entire section of fiber becomes a long most powerful laser. In this way, a the wavelength for dynamic stability of 1455nm’s two burning laser pointer will have a two-way pump in the cavity.


The printing industry in the laser pointer pen typesetter still maintained a strong production

For the protection of laser pointer pen the phototypesetting film quality is stable, in the use of raw materials should minimize the variable factors, do the use of raw materials.High powered laser pointer is relatively fixed by foreign influence to the phototypesetting film in the process of operation and transfer equipment and scratched, should be cleaned regularly and wipe the transmission parts, when the damaged parts should be the timely replacement. After most powerful laser output to output of phototypesetting film were examined, burning laser pointer of phototypesetting film inspection as prepress last procedure, to give full play to the role of the addendum plugging, to give sufficient attention. The content of the examination.laser-pointer-pen-2

The concentration of punching machine and the temperature is normal. To set the properties of laser pointer pen according to the development of phototypesetting film and liquid, fixing parameter, high powered pointer laser  with regular wedges for testing, daily cleaning equipment, most powerful laser, to prevent the heavy object to whether the performance of phototypesetting film with.Burning laser pointer and dirty liquid phototypesetting film its stability.


Laser pointer pen setup and system equipment, and whether the imagesetter. In order to ensure the normal operation of the high powered laser pointer the amount of stability, should be regularly on most powerful laser head test and correction. Check set accuracy. In general, the continuous output of the four-color or multicolor photo film row error which is very small. If a job requires one or two complementary burning laser pointer version, and the other is the color of the phototypesetting film in a day, two days or longer before output.


The laser pointer pen of phototypesetting film field density examination, check the high powered laser pointer photo typesetting whether a dirty phenomenon, and set the most powerful laser system, and whether the imagesetter normal operation, the burning laser pointer photo typesetting quality, directly related to the final print quality.


Laser pointer pen since the middle of the last century was born, is no longer confined to the laboratory, but further to get in by every opening of human production and life.

Endless exploration, application without limit. Laser pointer pen technology and its application in today’s constantly challenge people’s imagination.Most powerful laser since the middle of the last century was born, is no longer confined to the laboratory, but further to get in by every opening of human production and life, both in the industrial manufacturing field, or health care, entertainment and other industries “ laser pointer pen, an instance of the meet the eye everywhere life changing”.


Sometimes, the laser pointer pen in normal vision such as battlefield most powerful laser weapons, long-range laser welding in the automobile manufacturing, laser pointer pen solar cell processing. Sometimes, it is everywhere, for example: most powerful laser barcode scanning supermarket, fiber-optic broadband network fast and convenient home, show. On the bizarre laser dance. The ubiquitous laser pointer pen, human beings seem to have well versed in the way of application.laser-pointer-pen3

In the laser pointer pen precision welding technology and application, most powerful laser industry bigwigs have to invest heavily in research and development. Laser pointer pen seamless welding technology of vessel only in the car, in the past, the use of aircraft and other high precision manufacturing, to ensure the stability of the overall structure of the safety of.Most powerful laser to the light of God shine into the home appliance manufacturing industry.


In the non intelligent mobile phone popular period, many mobile phone keys on the character identification is obtained by laser pointer pen technology in intelligent processing; mobile phone era, in addition to the widely used in mobile phone manufacturing most powerful laser welding, laser cutting, laser engraving technology, but also can make the mobile phone camera laser focusing technology faster focusing. And on the desktop projection virtual touch screen on the wall, showing mobile phone video / picture laser pointer pen intelligent projection technology. As an advanced processing method, the most powerful laser technology in precision machining exhibition shows more and more advantages.


Laser pointer pen treatment of red blood irradiation dose should be appropriate, in order to avoid excessive radiation and the formation of scars.

Laser pointer pen cured red blood essence restore skin health, friends all know, influence on the appearance of red blood is very large, smart woman could not face the slightest flaw. What is ugly red blood? One of the treatment methods of red blood: most powerful laser.Laser pointer pen for the treatment of red blood red blood irradiation the dose should be appropriate, to avoid over exposure to the formation of scar.Most powerful laser treated red blood has selective photothermal effect by laser in capillary hemoglobin laser energy absorption, coagulation, obstruction of blood capillary tube, the capillary atrophy, to achieve the purpose of treatment, treatment process without pain, a few people may be temporary pigmentation, this is the normal reaction of Americans of the skin, can be completely absorbed.

Method of treatment of red blood two: laser pointer pen treated red blood. Its unique role of intense pulsed light on the skin tissue, most powerful laser and photochemical effect, to enhance the function of blood vessel tissue, improve circulation, co existence of these roles so that the skin collagen formation, organization structure, make smooth pores shrink, fine lines and wrinkles, skin elasticity and gloss, irregular pigmentation and other skin problems have been simultaneously treatment.

Laser pointer pen to the red blood. The color light can be dilated blood vessels closed, no longer have to flow through a treatment, can eliminate facial redness especially thick red. If according to the specified.

Most powerful laser treatment to the red blood through the skin tissues by using photonic pigment and its vascular preferred absorption, without destroying the normal skin, blood coagulation, pigments and pigment cell destruction, decomposition, to the treatment of telangiectasia, facial flushing and rosacea.

The laser pointer pen is used to linearly focus and cut the glass substrate along the thickness direction, and it is divided into various geometric shapes.

The use of function change as thin as hair material laser pointer pen cutting process, collocation ultrashort picosecond laser pulse, like perforation, cutting and scraping glass anti high hardness, the thickness of the continuous development of up to 2 microns thick.Laser pointer pen technology, most powerful laser technology to the next stage of the process used in the electronics industry the required processing all brittle material at present. Especially suitable for chemical projects and heat strengthened glass, and applied to the case of sapphire are increasing, the most powerful laser used in the manufacture of a tablet computer, intelligent mobile phone or camera cover glass display type and wearable devices required.


Laser pointer pen is the basic technology section: clean in a similar way to modify the substrate. The perforation process with moderate energy input, substrate processing very mild. This is because the laser pointer pen uses a modified beam source, is different from the previous most powerful laser. ultrashort pulse which set the special adjustment of the optical system. To form a linear longitudinal focusing cutting marks (image 1). The cutting surface roughness less than 0.5 microns (2 images). This most powerful laser does not have to be expensive for the edge grinding operation.


Application of electronic glass as a material, not only to increase the hardness and wear resistance, elasticity and softness, and almost certainly need to have a touch sensitivity, such as.Laser pointer pen touch display technology innovation is a prerequisite, in order to match the display manufacturing efficiency and the synthesis of high quality. The technology to mass production market. One of the main reasons for the most powerful laser is to use the mobile device terminal processing materials, requires very high specifications of the equipment.


The equipment development of manufacturing industry is more and more mature, pointer pen laser cutting equipment is widely used in all walks of life

How to cut squareness. Sheet metal thickness is more than 10mm, laser pointer pen vertical cutting edge is very important. From the focus, laser pointer pen becomes divergent according to the focus position, cutting toward the top or bottom of variable width. The cutting edge deviation from the vertical line% a few millimeters, more vertical edge cutting quality, the higher the.


Laser pointer pen cutting roughness. Laser cutting section will form vertical lines, texture depth determines the cutting surface roughness, the more shallow lines, laser pointer pen cutting section more smooth. The roughness not only affects the appearance of the edge, also affect the friction characteristics, in most cases, the need to reduce the roughness so, the more shallow laser pointer pen lines, the cutting quality is higher.


Laser pointer pen cutting width. The kerf width generally does not affect the cutting quality, only formed special precision contour inside the device, it has an important influence on the cutting width, this is because the laser pointer pen determines the minimum cutting width in the contour, when the plate thickness increases, the cutting width is also increased. So I want to ensure the same high precision, no matter how big the kerf width, cutting the workpiece in the machining area of laser pointer pen should be constant.


Laser pointer pen high speed cutting thread cutting plate, the molten metal does not appear perpendicular to the laser beam below the cut, but in the laser beam after partial injection. Results, bending lines are formed on the cutting edge, texture closely follow the movement of the laser beam, in order to correct this problem, reduce the feed rate and cutting end in laser pointer pen, can greatly eliminate the grain line.