Why laser can be used as an operation, military laser does not hurt?

A lot of medical military laser is not CW, is the pulse (also basically adjustable Q), this laser has not sound great energy (if I say a few joules you don’t think much of it, a hair dryer for a second, but it a few hundred joules) because of this kind of laser crystal the laser usually comes from the large volume, with the high quality of HR and OC, are generally single, and because of the choice of the crystal spectra with very narrow, very easy to focus, and long pulse mode pulse in 100 uS level, once with Q-Switch, can be easily compressed to dozens of nS level, so in fact, with pulse power very very big.military laser1

Military laser usually work continuously, the power is constant, the smaller; a lot of medical laser usually modulated Q pulse, single pulse energy is not large, but the peak power is great.military laser3

If military laser does not work but medical pulse continuous work, probably will become pork rather than treatment, imagine the need to target the same energy, if the power is small (note that this is a much smaller magnitude), irradiation time, heat diffusion into the surrounding tissue, what is not pork?military laser2

Military laser training system started early in the last century in 80s in the people’s Liberation Army military training system application in popularity now than it may. Originally not news. But if the existing laser training system have more clear improvement in detail, then certainly is in the news. The landlord gives more details before. Or are the original source, can not answer this question.

If all the people on the earth were pointing to the moon with laser beams at the same time, would the moon change color?

So we can use laser beams.The first thing to consider is that not everyone can see the moon at the same time. We should first choose a can let most people see the moon at the time at the same time. Because the 75% people in the world live in 0 to 120 degrees east longitude, so we choose the moon in when near the sea of Arabia.laser beams1

Then we need to consider the full or new laser beams. new moon is dim, so the laser irradiation effect will be more obvious, but the new moon in the daytime, so the effect is poor. Brightness aside, the United States Eastern standard time on December 27, 2012 (Beijing time at 2:00 p.m.) is the most ideal time, then a full moon will appear in Mumbai and Islamabad over 5 billion people around the world can see it.

laser beams2

Laser beams general power is 5 MW, if the quality is good enough to laser all the way to the moon, of course, to the moon when the beam of light will be scattered. Many of the earth’s atmosphere will also impact on the beam, but most of the light can reach the moon light. Probably dispersed to figure the circle so much.laser beams3

Why didn’t the effect? Because the sun the moon irradiation can reach above 1000 watts per square meter. Because the cross section of the moon is about 10^13 square meters, it receives 10^16 watts of sunlight, average to 5 billion people per person per person is 200 kilowatts, is more than 5 mW laser beams strong. Although there are many factors affecting efficiency in our system, but these differences can not change the magnitude.

Most powerful laser the effects of integrated and reliable backfire isolator to protect all modules from back light

Most powerful laser is the key of the scanning head working distance, focal spot size and scanning range. One of the benefits of using high brightness fiber laser is that it can increase the working distance and scanning range, and can obtain the focal spot size is smaller, in order to improve the welding speed and increase welding penetration. Listed in the table two commercial scanning head products and display more high brightness laser benefits.most powerful laser1

Most powerful laser is the choice of a complex problem for each application. Generally speaking, the short weld number more, and distributed in a larger area. Compared with the fixed optical head welding, remote laser welding advantage is greater. Ennai has been used after processing technology shortens the period of up to 50% of the cases. The welding system demand and benefit.most powerful laser2

Most powerful laser the welding point swing in welding area, including welding or machining process shape complex, better use of scanning processing speed and accuracy of small amplitude high speed than using robots. The scanning speed of the scanning head can reach 90 per minute to 180m, and the maximum velocity of traditional robot only about 10m/min.most powerful laser3

Most powerful laser processing materials with high thermal conductivity, it is best to use a small spot, in order to maintain the stability of the keyhole, but this process may make the process too sharply, resulting in a large number of welding spatter. The experimental results show that high brightness laser scanning head with remote high-speed positioning, significantly reduce welding spatter, it is through the beam swing to ensure the welding hole stability to achieve.

Optical parametric oscillator is an important method to obtain coherent tunable mid infrared diode laser output

To improve the conversion efficiency not only can obtain high output power, make the system work in the critical state from injury, but also improve the stability and security of the system. But limited by the pump source diode laser beam quality, pulse width, pulse energy, and the nonlinear crystal quality and parameter conversion process of phase mismatch, inverse conversion factors go off effect of the pulse infrared laser to obtain high conversion efficiency is always a challenge.

diode laser1

As everyone knows, diode laser and the diameter of the pump beam and its power density is closely related, in order to obtain the pump power density is high, the researchers usually have to be less energy pump focused in nonlinear crystal, and the small spot and limit the conversion efficiency, and the focus will cause the nonlinear phase transformation process mismatch. Inverse conversion, walk off effect phenomenon, hindering obtain high conversion efficiency.diode laser2

Study on the nonlinear diode laser independent growth of ZGP crystal, high damage threshold and high nonlinear coefficient is 3 to 5 microns in infrared band best crystal materials. However, the laser crystal must with a wavelength of 2 micrometers or more, and now the wave period of commercial laser cannot meet the high conversion the efficiency of the demand, cannot obtain a short laser pulse, and pump energy is higher.diode laser3

The design of diode laser considering the optimal size and power density of the pump beam parameters, optimum length of the nonlinear crystal and the optimum output rate, in which the nonlinear conversion required high peak power density at the same time, the pump beam was optimized to improve its spatial uniformity and reducing the divergence angle.

With the worsening of the global climate, laser pen light continues to consume, and the use of clean and renewable energy is imminent

Laser pen light mainly deposited on the conductive glass, the glass is fragile, greatly limits the application of perovskite cell. The gradual development of wearable electronic devices, flexible optoelectronic devices developed by the people’s attention. The film belongs to the perovskite cell battery, to a certain extent with bending ability, therefore, flexible perovskite the battery device fabrication possible.

laser pen light1

Laser pen light is organic polymer, its thermal performance is poor, and in the perovskite cell in conventional metal oxide interface layer to sinter temperature is high, the temperature can cause devastating damage to the flexible substrate. The flexible perovskite cell commonly used ITO as the bottom electrode, ITO box resistor of 10 / sq to 50 OMEGA / SQ, high resistance, high efficiency for the effects of large area devices.laser pen light2

Focus sunlight on solar array, laser pen light invented the CPV panel. Through 3D printing technology, the total thickness of only one centimeter and it except the solar battery and the 99% wiring material is composed of acrylic plastic or resin glass. However, CPV has its limitations, only applies to a a large number of direct sunlight in the region, like the southwestern region of the United States.laser pen light3

The structure of laser pen light, its purpose is through the use of high conductivity metal as bottom electrode to replace the poor conductivity of the traditional ITO, the decrease of bottom electrode resistance, which has the potential for large area devices. It is reported that the Huazhong University of Science and Technology also adopts doped electron collection layer collects electrons without high-temperature heating, solution the problem of poor heat resistance of the flexible substrate.

Anti counterfeiting red laser anti fake label stickers are usually divided into digital security and digital anti-counterfeiting

Anti fake label I believe we all know, is to prevent counterfeit products on the label, there are a lot of anti-counterfeiting label anti-counterfeiting market, while the red laser label on its gorgeous appearance made the company’s love, this logo appearance used lubricating reflective laser  materials, commonly used in the product itself posted on the table or on the packaging of goods used above.red laser1

Anti fake label I believe we all know, is to prevent counterfeit products label, in the current security market has a lot of anti counterfeiting red laser anti-counterfeiting label printing principle: laser anti-counterfeit labels called holographic anti-counterfeit labels, is the use of laser anti-counterfeit label color hologram plate making technology and molding replication technology completed, can realize the plate making technology a: the lattice dynamic light, one-time special laser film, 3D optical micro background, colorful optical random interference in English uranium shrinkage text.red laser2

Red laser on the alumina membrane as the main material, the surface can be identified enterprise information, LOGO, trademarks and so on, but also the human head or other special pattern lines. Applicable to all sectors of various products, such as digital, medicine, cosmetics and so on. But such labels at relatively low cost.red laser3

Red laser at the left the word: this kind of laser anti-counterfeit labels at the logo is still picture color laser and invisible, and can leave the picture or text, copy content can be specified.

Extreme ultraviolet free electron laser pointer pen, extremely bright light, can let a person see the atomic and molecular reaction process

The laser pointer pen technology, design and optimize the structure of air filtration technology; with the astronauts life support system, the purifying efficiency and service life of the filter is improved significantly. When the space technology in air purification will impact what kind of spark?laser pointer pen1

The formation of haze, it relates to the molecular aggregation process of.Laser pointer  pen, chemicals and water molecules in the atmosphere, the formation of molecular clusters, the adsorption of various pollutants in these molecular clusters in the growth process, the growth of aerosol particles larger, and gradually grow into the haze.

laser pointer pen2

To understand the formation and growth mechanism of atmospheric haze fundamentally, prevention and control of atmospheric pollution is very important. “Laser pointer pen” can detect haze how small molecules gradually grow into clusters, to better understand the mechanism of haze.

laser pointer pen3

Efficient use of energy and reduce pollution emissions is an important problem of quantum structure of energy related molecules and their function is based on the energy of the key. “Laser pointer  pen” will also be used in important products and intermediates in the combustion process, provide a solid foundation for the elucidation of chemical mechanism of combustion process.

Laser pointer pen processing technology development, continue to promote the rapid development of smart phone manufacturing technology

The reason must be closely linked with the characteristics of pen process and laser pointer pen mobile phone manufacturing precision demand. With its high power density, good direction, red laser, high efficiency, environmental protection and many other advantages, laser pen light in mobile phone manufacturing industry to replace the traditional technology trend is increasingly obvious.Diode laser is not favored in consumer electronics the most powerful laser. With the increasingly fierce competition, laser beams manufacturing industry has put forward higher requirements on natural products.

military laser1

Now military laser integrated design requirements more and more high, more tendency of small, many fine laser pointer pen, such as the use of red laser laser pen light hard, which has become an important means of technology.Diode laser focal spot can focus high energy in a small area, especially suitable for the processing of most powerful laser, the minimum diameter of only a few microns, hole depth and aperture ratio greater than 50 microns.military laser3

Laser beams subscribers in Asia will reach 2 billion 660 million, the market is showing explosive growth, and bring the.Laser pointer pen military laser a large number of potential applications in manufacturing in addition to the application of traditional red laser ,laser pen light and diode laser technology, more new laser technology is loose.

military laser2

Most powerful laser and assembly precision complex are composed of a large number of different shaped laser beams, which is especially needed to support the processing of high precision. In this case, the military laser with its significant advantages in fine processing, laser pointer pen and red laser on.Laser pen light has become the favored manufacturing more success in the future is the key to the consumption of sophisticated electronic devices.

Controlled by the software of laser pointer pen system, the laser beam setting is controlled by ablation, which can be cut on a certain material according to the required depth

Laser pointer pen red laser has other benefits that are not available, which can limit the thermal stress. This is because most of the laser pen light system running in low power state. By using is sometimes referred to as the “process of cold ablation, beam diode laser will produce a narrow heat affected zone can be. Burring, effect of carbonization and other thermal stress to a minimum, and the use of high power most powerful laser usually have these negative effects. laser pointer pen2

Laser beams wavelength is smaller than the wavelength of light, the eye is not visible. Although you can’t see the military laser, but these laser pointer pen is able to make short circuit characteristics more accurately focus, so as to produce extremely fine and retain the excellent positioning accuracy.laser pointer pen3

Laser pen light is applied to the resin and copper showed high absorption rate, in the processing of glass has a proper absorption rate. Only the comprehensive absorption rate of expensive diode laser will be better in these materials processing. The main difference of this material makes most powerful laser become the best choice for the application of laser beams a lot of  in the industrial field, wiring circuit production from the basic military laser, to produce compact embedded chips and other senior technology are common.

laser pointer pen1

Laser pointer pen system directly from computer aided design to data processing means in circuit board, circuit board production process does not require any middleman. Add red laser precise focusing ability, makes the laser pen light system can be implemented in a very specific plan, and repeated positioning.

As a new generation of laser pointer pen transparent laser ceramics, it is of great significance to national security and sustainable development of national economy

Although the laser pointer pen diode laser is located in large scientific facilities, but in the most powerful laser of the Jiading Park, there are two experimental device for it Everfount to provide scientific support: a petawatt ultrashort red laser device, another is a new generation of super laser pen light integrated experimental device.

laser pointer pen1

Across the corridor glass, see the laser beams occupies a more than and 400 square metre room. All the military laser have been closed in the pipeline and tank, scientists do experiments in the last light. In recent years, with the arrangement, scientists have tried a lot of interesting work. For example, laser pointer pen high energy electron beam, red laser produce antimatter, snow by laser pen light, or is in the nanometer scale fine carving, smooth transition of diode laser, most powerful laser driven proton beam and the fine structure of dragonfly of proton radiography.laser pointer pen2

Here is the research and development, is to accelerate the use of ultrashort electron laser beams, military laser and new technology. Now the laser pointer pen are very large, involving several hundred meters long, but red laser can make ultrashort electron in a very short period of time, with a high speed and energy, is expected to become laser pen light very small — perhaps the future, each laboratory can put on a table, ready to do the experiment, do the test.

laser pointer pen3

Diode laser between  most powerful laser  and the needs of a wide range of laser beams hindered the further investment of small and medium-sized enterprises and create a reliable military laser ability, because the potential rate of return on investment is too low. Taking into account of all these factors, and public policy related to digital pay special attention to laser pointer pen, because they are the backbone of red laser manufacturing.