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Laser beams inkjet printer is a laser beam on the marking surfaces of different materials on permanent use

The printing effect is exposed deep substance through the surface material evaporation, or through laser beams lead to chemical and physical changes of the surface material “carved out” marks, or burned part of the material through the light, show the required etching patterns, text, bar codes, two-dimensional code and other graphics.

laser beams1

High photoelectric conversion without power coupling loss, save operating costs, laser beams, long service life, maintenance free, 100 thousand hours without supplies. The overall integration of compact structure, small occupied area, convenient transportation, marking speed, high efficiency at the same time processing volume increased significantly, to speed up the user return on investment professional metal printing it has no contact, no cutting force, has the advantages of small thermal effect, to ensure the accuracy of the original metal workpiece, increase the aesthetic.laser beams2

Because the laser beams most of the light of the low cost, the performance of the color gamut is just passable. The color gamut is low, it means to show subtle color changes. For example, there are many kinds of red, only high color gamut can reflect the subtle differences between the different red color gamut. It becomes a key index of color technology.

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At present, the new display technology in almost all color gamut has improved, such as laser  beams quantum dot technology and so on, the performance of color is better than the traditional LCD panel. But these display technology can realize large screen, to experience the 100 inches above the screen, also is to rely on projection technology.

If all the people on the earth were pointing to the moon with laser beams at the same time, would the moon change color?

So we can use laser beams.The first thing to consider is that not everyone can see the moon at the same time. We should first choose a can let most people see the moon at the time at the same time. Because the 75% people in the world live in 0 to 120 degrees east longitude, so we choose the moon in when near the sea of Arabia.laser beams1

Then we need to consider the full or new laser beams. new moon is dim, so the laser irradiation effect will be more obvious, but the new moon in the daytime, so the effect is poor. Brightness aside, the United States Eastern standard time on December 27, 2012 (Beijing time at 2:00 p.m.) is the most ideal time, then a full moon will appear in Mumbai and Islamabad over 5 billion people around the world can see it.

laser beams2

Laser beams general power is 5 MW, if the quality is good enough to laser all the way to the moon, of course, to the moon when the beam of light will be scattered. Many of the earth’s atmosphere will also impact on the beam, but most of the light can reach the moon light. Probably dispersed to figure the circle so much.laser beams3

Why didn’t the effect? Because the sun the moon irradiation can reach above 1000 watts per square meter. Because the cross section of the moon is about 10^13 square meters, it receives 10^16 watts of sunlight, average to 5 billion people per person per person is 200 kilowatts, is more than 5 mW laser beams strong. Although there are many factors affecting efficiency in our system, but these differences can not change the magnitude.