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Laser pen light into the glass why the color?

Two photos with a piece of glass is used. If it is the same, I think the possibility of large Raman. If it is two pieces of glass, the glass color will look at exchange, exchange and exchange. With the glass color with the glass, the fluorescence may be greater color with laser pen light, then Raman is more likely.

laser pen light1

Glass glass, laser pen light scattering blue light incident incident yellow, red, or the possibility to estimate the Raman scattering of some. Of course it is also possible to fluorescence phenomenon is complex, if the glass glass impurities in the complex.laser pen light3

There are many kinds of incident light (laser pen light) incident, can be excited to a higher energy level, and the high level drop to a lower level, it is only several fixed. Moreover, the vibrational relaxation time may be longer, so the molecules are excited not immediately light.

laser pen light2

Laser pen light and fluorescence phenomenon, are can be used to detect the compositions of different substances have different characteristic fluorescence spectra and Raman spectra. The spectral line is determined by the energy structure in the material. People can use fluorescence or Raman, determine the composition of the mixture and specific cases.

Laser pen light in high field electron tunneling through the emitted electron energy

The third class can be called the laser pen light. is some artificial materials, nonlinear optical emission. For example, on the gold surface after etching, and high power laser coupling, the formation of surface plasma, electron flow. Of course not to etching. Once the power high, nonlinear effect will be more significant.laser pen light1

There. This multiphoton effect cannot use single material to evaluate the efficiency of laser pen light, with the increase of power, the higher the efficiency. So the development of this material to see the damage limit where. Now it seems as the semiconductor cathode.

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Laser pen light in high field electron tunneling through the emitted electron energy. No surface barrier. High emission tip single degree was very good ah, but life is long. So the guards is imaging class love. Earlier accelerator with metal tungsten, now with silicon, diamond more. Carbon nanotubes in recent years have begun to use.laser pen light3

Laser pen light is not so good control, field emission to produce short bunch, RF gun have special design. The fix became afraid of everyone, ghost worry about the dark current. I’m doing diamond nano tip field emission cathode. I think the future potential is big.

At this stage can be achieved by the laser pen light is achieved by the use of high-temperature decomposition of the structure of the body to combat the impact of combat

Often mentioned is a typical organization of a laser pen light somewhere cutting operation personnel being penetrated by high-energy femtosecond laser processing in laser safety education, but because there is no sensory nerve tissue so don’t feel pain, but also on the skin without any damage and no matter when the results of the second day with the outcome. The wheat pocket disobedient kid, dead. The cause of death is tissue damage produced toxins.laser pen light1

100 per joule, each photon energy is about 10^-19 the laser pen light joules, so probably produce 10^21 photons per second, a natural language is one hundred thousand billion billion, the second largest dynamic laser can give the (red) is 10^-7 kilogram meters per second. There is what kind of the concept of it, and then looking at cloud cloud computing results accidentally hit a person when you walk in the street, you probably gave 60 kilogram meters per second. Dynamic (wash) then please feel the effect of laser on your right.

laser pen light2

Water quality is about 10^-5 kg, so ideally this laser pen light about a centimeter per second per second to drop speed, and the actual effect of laser and drop time may also but 10 picosecond (NS 1/1000. Water scale of about 1mm, divided by the speed of light 10^8 meters per second).

laser pen light3

If we consider the link given in the case of laser pen light, the pulse width of laser light pulse is assumed 10 picoseconds, repetition frequency is 10 kHz, which is 10000 time per second pulse width of picosecond pulse, then each have about 10^17 photons, then at this time can only be a function of water per second less than 1 mm. The laser source speed by the force of the water is what we usually say the light pressure, or radiation pressure.

With the worsening of the global climate, laser pen light continues to consume, and the use of clean and renewable energy is imminent

Laser pen light mainly deposited on the conductive glass, the glass is fragile, greatly limits the application of perovskite cell. The gradual development of wearable electronic devices, flexible optoelectronic devices developed by the people’s attention. The film belongs to the perovskite cell battery, to a certain extent with bending ability, therefore, flexible perovskite the battery device fabrication possible.

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Laser pen light is organic polymer, its thermal performance is poor, and in the perovskite cell in conventional metal oxide interface layer to sinter temperature is high, the temperature can cause devastating damage to the flexible substrate. The flexible perovskite cell commonly used ITO as the bottom electrode, ITO box resistor of 10 / sq to 50 OMEGA / SQ, high resistance, high efficiency for the effects of large area devices.laser pen light2

Focus sunlight on solar array, laser pen light invented the CPV panel. Through 3D printing technology, the total thickness of only one centimeter and it except the solar battery and the 99% wiring material is composed of acrylic plastic or resin glass. However, CPV has its limitations, only applies to a a large number of direct sunlight in the region, like the southwestern region of the United States.laser pen light3

The structure of laser pen light, its purpose is through the use of high conductivity metal as bottom electrode to replace the poor conductivity of the traditional ITO, the decrease of bottom electrode resistance, which has the potential for large area devices. It is reported that the Huazhong University of Science and Technology also adopts doped electron collection layer collects electrons without high-temperature heating, solution the problem of poor heat resistance of the flexible substrate.