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Why do we not consider the contribution of the vacuum zero field to the atomic perturbation in the red laser theory?

The first of these three words, is the history of the title, uncle Einstein proposed. In fact, as you say, “spontaneous” is not “spontaneous”, was given the spontaneous love uncle coefficient Spotane and the coefficient of Stimula stimulated multiple relations have realized, this may cause the same as. Later discovered, because red laser spin is even, so tend to intervene after tend to the same state.

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The material by red laser. Is a diagram of a carbon atom. The atomic center is the nucleus, composed of protons and neutrons. The neutron proton has a positive charge, is not charged. Atomic peripheral with negatively charged electrons, around the nucleus. Interestingly, the energy of the electrons in atoms is not laser3

Quantum mechanics description of microscopic world tells us that the red laser will be in some fixed order “to” different energy level corresponding to different electron energy. For the sake of simplicity, we can as shown in Figure 1, the order can imagine some around the nuclear track, the farther distance away from the nucleus the orbital energy is laser2

In the beginning, red laser flash light into the medium, the chromium atoms in laser medium are excited, the outermost electron transition to an excited state. At this time, some of the electrons through the released photons, return to a lower level.

Red laser can be tissue reflection, scattering or transmission, the purpose is to let the specific region (target chromophore) laser absorption

The photothermal effect means (laser generated) temperature (heat) has a series of influence on the organization, above a certain temperature by skin cell death induced by injury. Selective photothermolysis simply is greater than the tissue around the target area, the absorption of red laser contrast, bigger and laser2

In the Department of Dermatology, the skin is the main target of chromophore melanin, hemoglobin and water, they are in a different wavelength of red laser have different absorption capacity, higher call absorption peak, because of the different peaks, convenient for doctors to selectively use different wave length of laser, both against the enemy again, don’t hurt people.

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Have the basic knowledge of the above, is not difficult to understand why the red laser can be the treatment of vascular diseases, why can treat pigment disease, why can the laser to tattoo, laser hair removal can be why, these are selective photothermolysis + appropriate wavelength of laser light to.

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Effect of wide spectrum red laser is very significant to eliminate inflammation, so some are progressive inflammatory acne can be considered to try this, those who leave acne subsided after the acne, or we say pigmentation, can also solve the light.4-5 a course with strong pulse interval of 3 weeks, 1 months.

The use of red laser technology, bone soft tissue analysis of dinosaur fossils, the first remodeling of anchiornis with body contours.

Red laser induced fluorescence technology is a new technology in recent years, the high intensity laser, in the soft tissue around the bone, “invisible fluorescent” in the dark. In a dark room with a purple laser scanning laser will “stimulate” fossils, some remain in the rock matrix of the skin to atoms. They get more light, micro data from, in order to reveal the true shape of the dinosaurs. Jiaqi added, will first reduce the laser intensity before use, to avoid damage to the laser1

The wings of soft tissue by red laser fossil anchiornis in-depth observation, found that the shape of wings and modern birds are very similar in all aspects, but also retain some of the original features, such as feathers are more evenly distributed, rather than a line arrangement. These new findings, to re construct how dinosaurs try to fly, and finally to have the ability to fly, provide important clues, but also the study on the origin of laser2

Over the past more than and 20 years, has been to the northeast of Chinese those strange feathered dinosaurs marvel. However, never thought of such a broad range of soft tissue will be preserved. “After this time by red laser on anchiornis found all over the world to the specimen scanning special.

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Free electron laser is known as the fourth generation light source, which can provide high brightness coherent radiation from far infrared to red laser, which has unprecedented revolutionary application value in the fields of physics, chemistry, material science, life science and so on

Anti counterfeiting red laser anti fake label stickers are usually divided into digital security and digital anti-counterfeiting

Anti fake label I believe we all know, is to prevent counterfeit products on the label, there are a lot of anti-counterfeiting label anti-counterfeiting market, while the red laser label on its gorgeous appearance made the company’s love, this logo appearance used lubricating reflective laser ┬ámaterials, commonly used in the product itself posted on the table or on the packaging of goods used laser1

Anti fake label I believe we all know, is to prevent counterfeit products label, in the current security market has a lot of anti counterfeiting red laser anti-counterfeiting label printing principle: laser anti-counterfeit labels called holographic anti-counterfeit labels, is the use of laser anti-counterfeit label color hologram plate making technology and molding replication technology completed, can realize the plate making technology a: the lattice dynamic light, one-time special laser film, 3D optical micro background, colorful optical random interference in English uranium shrinkage laser2

Red laser on the alumina membrane as the main material, the surface can be identified enterprise information, LOGO, trademarks and so on, but also the human head or other special pattern lines. Applicable to all sectors of various products, such as digital, medicine, cosmetics and so on. But such labels at relatively low laser3

Red laser at the left the word: this kind of laser anti-counterfeit labels at the logo is still picture color laser and invisible, and can leave the picture or text, copy content can be specified.