If the technology is mature enough to build a huge diode laser plate array in space or on the moon, how can the energy transfer back to earth?

The ground power generation efficiency and the cost is much higher than the space. So in the foreseeable future, the largest diode laser transmission is not transmit energy, but the transmission of information. That is the essence of our study, is how the information returned by energy channels.

diode laser2

Diode laser is pointing to the poor, the radiation loss is too large; the problem is the loss of atmospheric laser, electro-optic / photoelectric conversion efficiency is poor. Of course, on the other hand, pointing to the good reception of the poor, to actually need to good ATP tracking technology development.diode laser3

The earth does not need so much energy.Diode laser enough. On that day, our energy utilization ability should be strong, that the return of the energy if not big enough, not affect the total amount of energy, or the lack of human resources on earth can be obtained in 5%, there is no need to be so hard.

diode laser1

Short wavelength loss too fast, such as the diode laser. too long not directed, such as FM 83. Seven only microwave to THz is feasible. The feeling is not difficult, get a wide receiver in unmanned area is good. Don’t try to frame the wire or waveguide, it can withstand the power does not stand the loss of several hundred kilometers, is not worth coming back.