In addition to the laboratory fire, electricity, the other thing is to prevent laser pointer pen damage

Laser pointer pen is greater than 500MW, the laser belongs to the class classIV laser, is the highest level of GB in the laser beam, not only itself to the eyes, skin and other electronic optical equipment, causing burns, and scattered light, reflected light can be dangerous, and has extremely high fire risk, and I to experience you, my right eye retina by green laser burns, 200mw532nm is not reversible, so now there will still be floaters in the operation of the laser, including other equipment must be Caution! Problem!laser pointer pen1

In addition to the lab fire, electricity, another thing is to prevent laser pointer pen damage. The laser beam is not directly required to do experiments by laser laser, although only 4mW, this is not a joke. The simplest is to increase energy to increase the voltage, then brush the erupt laser burned. This kind of thing, only to see to know into the eyes, is already late into the eyes.laser pointer pen2

Do you like to laser pointer pen might not know, more than 3b of the laser scattering light to the human eye may harm the.3b is 5 to 500 or 1 MW to 500 mW laser eyes can’t remember. I usually use power meter measuring 20 MW at that scattering light spot stand. Don’t you how to play at home, be sure to wear goggles and letting people know what you are doing.laser pointer pen3

The first time I know that laser pointer pen can also lead to blindness. It can remind the laser technology to play house. And laser eye damage is irreversible, will leave a permanent blind spot. However, the brain will “play” on the spot, let you not aware that, like the human natural existence of blind spots. But this does not mean that good for your eyes.