“Most powerful laser” input text by identifying the laser and the strong light source, and converting the text into a text file

As an auxiliary tool, “most powerful laser” by identifying the laser and strong light source input text, and the text into a text file, generated using voice translation software Python, from text input to speech conversion function, so that patients with language disorder “speak”.

most powerful laser1

The past inconveniences and language barriers to speak have to rely on others to help, or a high head mounted most powerful laser., “we hope to provide a visual text can be transformed into low cost voice solutions for patients.


most powerful laser2

The device’s built-in infrared detector, transmitter, a battery and a series of different types of most powerful laser, can maintain the low delay while the game is running. It is equipped ith a LED lamp can make you clear your packet. This principle is to use the APP mobile phone camera as the first perspective to help you see the whole world. And display the icon in the mobile phone screen, including the front sight and your record.most powerful laser3

Experts said that many vibration Big Ben metal is too small, invisible to the naked eye, but we can use most powerful laser to get more than 500 measurements in Big Ben on the surface, it is unable to realize the previous technique. The results of the study show that Big Ben than other similar sized bell Genghou, heavier weight, due to frequency and the strength of the contour of the clock, the diameter of many different vibration or patterns, which lead to unexpected higher pitch.