Most powerful laser weapons can be used to defend the mirror it?

I come into contact with the most powerful laser, most of them are not visible light, cutting and engraving the basic principle is to use can change the angle of the “mirror” to reflect the laser, so as to draw traces. So some friends mentioned invisible laser is not the mirror reflection is not correct. Visible eye is standard, and the mirror.

most powerful laser1

Most powerful laser wavelength has a great relationship and generation of laser medium. The laser in high pressure CO2 gas generated, can easily open the paper, but no matter how much power can be cut into half aluminum cans. YAG laser can cut stainless steel plate easily, but only a little bit on the board to change the color of role.

most powerful laser2

When it comes to the most powerful laser can use weapons defense. Of course the mirror defense, because the reflection rate of the mirror is particularly high, basically can do 100% reflective, so all the light for its are reflected. The mirror is made of glass plate, glass surface roughness is very high, because the glass is generally used tin bath by the float process production, with the reflective surface so the reflection rate is very high.

most powerful laser3

In fact, cannot use a mirror to defend most powerful laser weapons, because you can not guarantee that the mirror surface always spotless. This is the key issue. In industry, galvanometer laser are installed in a fully sealed structure, in order to avoid the dust mirror interference.