If military laser can form visible light, how much power is needed?

Military  laser color and the use of the environment, light is reflected in the air particles, close observation of light can be seen a large number of particles, the daily environmental air quality even under good circumstances will produce. But it is sensitive to green eye visibility, so as long as the green laser 532nm 100mW (0.1W) in the daytime can produce indoor clear light.military laser1

Military  laser can also have not visible, so a lot of the poor visibility, such as partial UV 405nm even 1W light power is not so obvious (even if the power can burn paper). Infrared laser welding of carbon dioxide, but also do not see the light 35W (can burn the carton)military laser2

These small military laser devices do not have a “buzzing” sound, the normal equipment of small power does not produce the current sound, if you’re curious can buy a large power laser pen; but please Caution!, this can see the visible light laser power can easily reach permanent the impact and damage the retinal aviation safety, must not be irradiated human or animal and spacecraft.military laser3

Lithography technology does not seem to be required in military laser. laser photon transitions of atomic / molecular release. The excimer laser and the ultraviolet light source, atoms, molecules have been excited into a plasma state, we don’t usually identified “excited state”, is from the outside level transitions to the ground state, said it is also not what laser, error.

Laser beams inkjet printer is a laser beam on the marking surfaces of different materials on permanent use

The printing effect is exposed deep substance through the surface material evaporation, or through laser beams lead to chemical and physical changes of the surface material “carved out” marks, or burned part of the material through the light, show the required etching patterns, text, bar codes, two-dimensional code and other graphics.

laser beams1

High photoelectric conversion without power coupling loss, save operating costs, laser beams, long service life, maintenance free, 100 thousand hours without supplies. The overall integration of compact structure, small occupied area, convenient transportation, marking speed, high efficiency at the same time processing volume increased significantly, to speed up the user return on investment professional metal printing it has no contact, no cutting force, has the advantages of small thermal effect, to ensure the accuracy of the original metal workpiece, increase the aesthetic.laser beams2

Because the laser beams most of the light of the low cost, the performance of the color gamut is just passable. The color gamut is low, it means to show subtle color changes. For example, there are many kinds of red, only high color gamut can reflect the subtle differences between the different red color gamut. It becomes a key index of color technology.

laser beams3

At present, the new display technology in almost all color gamut has improved, such as laser  beams quantum dot technology and so on, the performance of color is better than the traditional LCD panel. But these display technology can realize large screen, to experience the 100 inches above the screen, also is to rely on projection technology.

“Most powerful laser” input text by identifying the laser and the strong light source, and converting the text into a text file

As an auxiliary tool, “most powerful laser” by identifying the laser and strong light source input text, and the text into a text file, generated using voice translation software Python, from text input to speech conversion function, so that patients with language disorder “speak”.

most powerful laser1

The past inconveniences and language barriers to speak have to rely on others to help, or a high head mounted most powerful laser., “we hope to provide a visual text can be transformed into low cost voice solutions for patients.


most powerful laser2

The device’s built-in infrared detector, transmitter, a battery and a series of different types of most powerful laser, can maintain the low delay while the game is running. It is equipped ith a LED lamp can make you clear your packet. This principle is to use the APP mobile phone camera as the first perspective to help you see the whole world. And display the icon in the mobile phone screen, including the front sight and your record.most powerful laser3

Experts said that many vibration Big Ben metal is too small, invisible to the naked eye, but we can use most powerful laser to get more than 500 measurements in Big Ben on the surface, it is unable to realize the previous technique. The results of the study show that Big Ben than other similar sized bell Genghou, heavier weight, due to frequency and the strength of the contour of the clock, the diameter of many different vibration or patterns, which lead to unexpected higher pitch.

Diode laser is the use of a large thin film lens, the sun’s radiation pressure as a propulsion of spacecraft program

The picture mechanism of similar problems in the narrow pulse diode laser. Using ultrahigh peak power and damage to the device, which is mainly the action of heat rarely, photons and substances directly damage the device. The pulse width is shorter, the effect of heat less, for example.

diode laser1

Nanosecond pulsed diode laser can cut steel, but it is difficult to cut crystal, because the action time is too long, can make the crystal crack. Picosecond pulse laser can be cut sapphire, smooth incision, thermal effects, does not damage the gems. Laser can cut the lens and retina of femtosecond pulse, very little heat effect, no damage to other organs.

diode laser2

We can put the diode laser into light, middle school physics tells us that light is a wave like two nature. We assume that a light beam to the mirror, the light is totally reflected light, the momentum is changed, then according to the law of conservation of momentum, the mirror will be a light to it, the the force is called pressure.diode laser3

So the diode laser hit the water drop, a part of penetration, reflecting a part, there was the picture you sent the case. The high energy laser to produce high temperature melt objects you said is case of penetration, do not know much, not specifically say, before the ultra high-speed camera were successfully recorded when the electric cylinder light into the bottle of water from a water bottle, water bottle shaking a bit, of course, the human eye is not observed.


At this stage can be achieved by the laser pen light is achieved by the use of high-temperature decomposition of the structure of the body to combat the impact of combat

Often mentioned is a typical organization of a laser pen light somewhere cutting operation personnel being penetrated by high-energy femtosecond laser processing in laser safety education, but because there is no sensory nerve tissue so don’t feel pain, but also on the skin without any damage and no matter when the results of the second day with the outcome. The wheat pocket disobedient kid, dead. The cause of death is tissue damage produced toxins.laser pen light1

100 per joule, each photon energy is about 10^-19 the laser pen light joules, so probably produce 10^21 photons per second, a natural language is one hundred thousand billion billion, the second largest dynamic laser can give the (red) is 10^-7 kilogram meters per second. There is what kind of the concept of it, and then looking at cloud cloud computing results accidentally hit a person when you walk in the street, you probably gave 60 kilogram meters per second. Dynamic (wash) then please feel the effect of laser on your right.

laser pen light2

Water quality is about 10^-5 kg, so ideally this laser pen light about a centimeter per second per second to drop speed, and the actual effect of laser and drop time may also but 10 picosecond (NS 1/1000. Water scale of about 1mm, divided by the speed of light 10^8 meters per second).

laser pen light3

If we consider the link given in the case of laser pen light, the pulse width of laser light pulse is assumed 10 picoseconds, repetition frequency is 10 kHz, which is 10000 time per second pulse width of picosecond pulse, then each have about 10^17 photons, then at this time can only be a function of water per second less than 1 mm. The laser source speed by the force of the water is what we usually say the light pressure, or radiation pressure.

The use of red laser technology, bone soft tissue analysis of dinosaur fossils, the first remodeling of anchiornis with body contours.

Red laser induced fluorescence technology is a new technology in recent years, the high intensity laser, in the soft tissue around the bone, “invisible fluorescent” in the dark. In a dark room with a purple laser scanning laser will “stimulate” fossils, some remain in the rock matrix of the skin to atoms. They get more light, micro data from, in order to reveal the true shape of the dinosaurs. Jiaqi added, will first reduce the laser intensity before use, to avoid damage to the fossils.red laser1

The wings of soft tissue by red laser fossil anchiornis in-depth observation, found that the shape of wings and modern birds are very similar in all aspects, but also retain some of the original features, such as feathers are more evenly distributed, rather than a line arrangement. These new findings, to re construct how dinosaurs try to fly, and finally to have the ability to fly, provide important clues, but also the study on the origin of birds.red laser2

Over the past more than and 20 years, has been to the northeast of Chinese those strange feathered dinosaurs marvel. However, never thought of such a broad range of soft tissue will be preserved. “After this time by red laser on anchiornis found all over the world to the specimen scanning special.

red laser3

Free electron laser is known as the fourth generation light source, which can provide high brightness coherent radiation from far infrared to red laser, which has unprecedented revolutionary application value in the fields of physics, chemistry, material science, life science and so on

With a large number of laser pointer pen from different angles at the same time to illuminate the tiny mirror, the mirror can still reflect the light of each laser pen?

Because of a beam of light is independent of each other, so in principle there should be no problem, the light can be normal reflection. But a closer look, the problem is there is a “great number”, which involved two questions: first, what are the effects of laser pointer pen; second, the effect will be the impact of the situation for the reflection.laser pointer pen1

Laser pointer pen radiation pressure produced in two ways: one is the pressure formed by the radiation pressure of the laser, called a pressure. The radiation pressure of the laser was weak, but the energy is concentrated, the pressure is considerable. After another laser tissue, can be secondary two times the pressure, this is due to the strong laser in biological tissue, in addition to outside pressure, and steam vaporization pressure, anti shock, thermal expansion, ultrasonic pressure and electrostrictive pressure caused by many factors.

laser pointer pen2

Laser pointer penis due to electromagnetic wave, ruby laser irradiation Q a beam power density of 1015W/cm2 will cause a series of biological tissue changes. Such as harmonic generation, the formation of free radicals, Brillouin scattering, Raman scattering, Ta Hikaruko absorption. The strong laser field effect of biological tissue can produce a similar laser the fundamental frequency, the two harmonic frequency doubling or another half wavelength.laser pointer pen3


Why laser can be used as an operation, military laser does not hurt?

A lot of medical military laser is not CW, is the pulse (also basically adjustable Q), this laser has not sound great energy (if I say a few joules you don’t think much of it, a hair dryer for a second, but it a few hundred joules) because of this kind of laser crystal the laser usually comes from the large volume, with the high quality of HR and OC, are generally single, and because of the choice of the crystal spectra with very narrow, very easy to focus, and long pulse mode pulse in 100 uS level, once with Q-Switch, can be easily compressed to dozens of nS level, so in fact, with pulse power very very big.military laser1

Military laser usually work continuously, the power is constant, the smaller; a lot of medical laser usually modulated Q pulse, single pulse energy is not large, but the peak power is great.military laser3

If military laser does not work but medical pulse continuous work, probably will become pork rather than treatment, imagine the need to target the same energy, if the power is small (note that this is a much smaller magnitude), irradiation time, heat diffusion into the surrounding tissue, what is not pork?military laser2

Military laser training system started early in the last century in 80s in the people’s Liberation Army military training system application in popularity now than it may. Originally not news. But if the existing laser training system have more clear improvement in detail, then certainly is in the news. The landlord gives more details before. Or are the original source, can not answer this question.

If all the people on the earth were pointing to the moon with laser beams at the same time, would the moon change color?

So we can use laser beams.The first thing to consider is that not everyone can see the moon at the same time. We should first choose a can let most people see the moon at the time at the same time. Because the 75% people in the world live in 0 to 120 degrees east longitude, so we choose the moon in when near the sea of Arabia.laser beams1

Then we need to consider the full or new laser beams. new moon is dim, so the laser irradiation effect will be more obvious, but the new moon in the daytime, so the effect is poor. Brightness aside, the United States Eastern standard time on December 27, 2012 (Beijing time at 2:00 p.m.) is the most ideal time, then a full moon will appear in Mumbai and Islamabad over 5 billion people around the world can see it.

laser beams2

Laser beams general power is 5 MW, if the quality is good enough to laser all the way to the moon, of course, to the moon when the beam of light will be scattered. Many of the earth’s atmosphere will also impact on the beam, but most of the light can reach the moon light. Probably dispersed to figure the circle so much.laser beams3

Why didn’t the effect? Because the sun the moon irradiation can reach above 1000 watts per square meter. Because the cross section of the moon is about 10^13 square meters, it receives 10^16 watts of sunlight, average to 5 billion people per person per person is 200 kilowatts, is more than 5 mW laser beams strong. Although there are many factors affecting efficiency in our system, but these differences can not change the magnitude.

Most powerful laser the effects of integrated and reliable backfire isolator to protect all modules from back light

Most powerful laser is the key of the scanning head working distance, focal spot size and scanning range. One of the benefits of using high brightness fiber laser is that it can increase the working distance and scanning range, and can obtain the focal spot size is smaller, in order to improve the welding speed and increase welding penetration. Listed in the table two commercial scanning head products and display more high brightness laser benefits.most powerful laser1

Most powerful laser is the choice of a complex problem for each application. Generally speaking, the short weld number more, and distributed in a larger area. Compared with the fixed optical head welding, remote laser welding advantage is greater. Ennai has been used after processing technology shortens the period of up to 50% of the cases. The welding system demand and benefit.most powerful laser2

Most powerful laser the welding point swing in welding area, including welding or machining process shape complex, better use of scanning processing speed and accuracy of small amplitude high speed than using robots. The scanning speed of the scanning head can reach 90 per minute to 180m, and the maximum velocity of traditional robot only about 10m/min.most powerful laser3

Most powerful laser processing materials with high thermal conductivity, it is best to use a small spot, in order to maintain the stability of the keyhole, but this process may make the process too sharply, resulting in a large number of welding spatter. The experimental results show that high brightness laser scanning head with remote high-speed positioning, significantly reduce welding spatter, it is through the beam swing to ensure the welding hole stability to achieve.