The printing industry in the laser pointer pen typesetter still maintained a strong production

For the protection of laser pointer pen the phototypesetting film quality is stable, in the use of raw materials should minimize the variable factors, do the use of raw materials.High powered laser pointer is relatively fixed by foreign influence to the phototypesetting film in the process of operation and transfer equipment and scratched, should be cleaned regularly and wipe the transmission parts, when the damaged parts should be the timely replacement. After most powerful laser output to output of phototypesetting film were examined, burning laser pointer of phototypesetting film inspection as prepress last procedure, to give full play to the role of the addendum plugging, to give sufficient attention. The content of the examination.laser-pointer-pen-2

The concentration of punching machine and the temperature is normal. To set the properties of laser pointer pen according to the development of phototypesetting film and liquid, fixing parameter, high powered pointer laser  with regular wedges for testing, daily cleaning equipment, most powerful laser, to prevent the heavy object to whether the performance of phototypesetting film with.Burning laser pointer and dirty liquid phototypesetting film its stability.


Laser pointer pen setup and system equipment, and whether the imagesetter. In order to ensure the normal operation of the high powered laser pointer the amount of stability, should be regularly on most powerful laser head test and correction. Check set accuracy. In general, the continuous output of the four-color or multicolor photo film row error which is very small. If a job requires one or two complementary burning laser pointer version, and the other is the color of the phototypesetting film in a day, two days or longer before output.


The laser pointer pen of phototypesetting film field density examination, check the high powered laser pointer photo typesetting whether a dirty phenomenon, and set the most powerful laser system, and whether the imagesetter normal operation, the burning laser pointer photo typesetting quality, directly related to the final print quality.


Laser pointer pen since the middle of the last century was born, is no longer confined to the laboratory, but further to get in by every opening of human production and life.

Endless exploration, application without limit. Laser pointer pen technology and its application in today’s constantly challenge people’s imagination.Most powerful laser since the middle of the last century was born, is no longer confined to the laboratory, but further to get in by every opening of human production and life, both in the industrial manufacturing field, or health care, entertainment and other industries “ laser pointer pen, an instance of the meet the eye everywhere life changing”.


Sometimes, the laser pointer pen in normal vision such as battlefield most powerful laser weapons, long-range laser welding in the automobile manufacturing, laser pointer pen solar cell processing. Sometimes, it is everywhere, for example: most powerful laser barcode scanning supermarket, fiber-optic broadband network fast and convenient home, show. On the bizarre laser dance. The ubiquitous laser pointer pen, human beings seem to have well versed in the way of application.laser-pointer-pen3

In the laser pointer pen precision welding technology and application, most powerful laser industry bigwigs have to invest heavily in research and development. Laser pointer pen seamless welding technology of vessel only in the car, in the past, the use of aircraft and other high precision manufacturing, to ensure the stability of the overall structure of the safety of.Most powerful laser to the light of God shine into the home appliance manufacturing industry.


In the non intelligent mobile phone popular period, many mobile phone keys on the character identification is obtained by laser pointer pen technology in intelligent processing; mobile phone era, in addition to the widely used in mobile phone manufacturing most powerful laser welding, laser cutting, laser engraving technology, but also can make the mobile phone camera laser focusing technology faster focusing. And on the desktop projection virtual touch screen on the wall, showing mobile phone video / picture laser pointer pen intelligent projection technology. As an advanced processing method, the most powerful laser technology in precision machining exhibition shows more and more advantages.


Laser pointer pen treatment of red blood irradiation dose should be appropriate, in order to avoid excessive radiation and the formation of scars.

Laser pointer pen cured red blood essence restore skin health, friends all know, influence on the appearance of red blood is very large, smart woman could not face the slightest flaw. What is ugly red blood? One of the treatment methods of red blood: most powerful laser.Laser pointer pen for the treatment of red blood red blood irradiation the dose should be appropriate, to avoid over exposure to the formation of scar.Most powerful laser treated red blood has selective photothermal effect by laser in capillary hemoglobin laser energy absorption, coagulation, obstruction of blood capillary tube, the capillary atrophy, to achieve the purpose of treatment, treatment process without pain, a few people may be temporary pigmentation, this is the normal reaction of Americans of the skin, can be completely absorbed.

Method of treatment of red blood two: laser pointer pen treated red blood. Its unique role of intense pulsed light on the skin tissue, most powerful laser and photochemical effect, to enhance the function of blood vessel tissue, improve circulation, co existence of these roles so that the skin collagen formation, organization structure, make smooth pores shrink, fine lines and wrinkles, skin elasticity and gloss, irregular pigmentation and other skin problems have been simultaneously treatment.

Laser pointer pen to the red blood. The color light can be dilated blood vessels closed, no longer have to flow through a treatment, can eliminate facial redness especially thick red. If according to the specified.

Most powerful laser treatment to the red blood through the skin tissues by using photonic pigment and its vascular preferred absorption, without destroying the normal skin, blood coagulation, pigments and pigment cell destruction, decomposition, to the treatment of telangiectasia, facial flushing and rosacea.

The laser pointer pen is used to linearly focus and cut the glass substrate along the thickness direction, and it is divided into various geometric shapes.

The use of function change as thin as hair material laser pointer pen cutting process, collocation ultrashort picosecond laser pulse, like perforation, cutting and scraping glass anti high hardness, the thickness of the continuous development of up to 2 microns thick.Laser pointer pen technology, most powerful laser technology to the next stage of the process used in the electronics industry the required processing all brittle material at present. Especially suitable for chemical projects and heat strengthened glass, and applied to the case of sapphire are increasing, the most powerful laser used in the manufacture of a tablet computer, intelligent mobile phone or camera cover glass display type and wearable devices required.


Laser pointer pen is the basic technology section: clean in a similar way to modify the substrate. The perforation process with moderate energy input, substrate processing very mild. This is because the laser pointer pen uses a modified beam source, is different from the previous most powerful laser. ultrashort pulse which set the special adjustment of the optical system. To form a linear longitudinal focusing cutting marks (image 1). The cutting surface roughness less than 0.5 microns (2 images). This most powerful laser does not have to be expensive for the edge grinding operation.


Application of electronic glass as a material, not only to increase the hardness and wear resistance, elasticity and softness, and almost certainly need to have a touch sensitivity, such as.Laser pointer pen touch display technology innovation is a prerequisite, in order to match the display manufacturing efficiency and the synthesis of high quality. The technology to mass production market. One of the main reasons for the most powerful laser is to use the mobile device terminal processing materials, requires very high specifications of the equipment.


The equipment development of manufacturing industry is more and more mature, pointer pen laser cutting equipment is widely used in all walks of life

How to cut squareness. Sheet metal thickness is more than 10mm, laser pointer pen vertical cutting edge is very important. From the focus, laser pointer pen becomes divergent according to the focus position, cutting toward the top or bottom of variable width. The cutting edge deviation from the vertical line% a few millimeters, more vertical edge cutting quality, the higher the.


Laser pointer pen cutting roughness. Laser cutting section will form vertical lines, texture depth determines the cutting surface roughness, the more shallow lines, laser pointer pen cutting section more smooth. The roughness not only affects the appearance of the edge, also affect the friction characteristics, in most cases, the need to reduce the roughness so, the more shallow laser pointer pen lines, the cutting quality is higher.


Laser pointer pen cutting width. The kerf width generally does not affect the cutting quality, only formed special precision contour inside the device, it has an important influence on the cutting width, this is because the laser pointer pen determines the minimum cutting width in the contour, when the plate thickness increases, the cutting width is also increased. So I want to ensure the same high precision, no matter how big the kerf width, cutting the workpiece in the machining area of laser pointer pen should be constant.


Laser pointer pen high speed cutting thread cutting plate, the molten metal does not appear perpendicular to the laser beam below the cut, but in the laser beam after partial injection. Results, bending lines are formed on the cutting edge, texture closely follow the movement of the laser beam, in order to correct this problem, reduce the feed rate and cutting end in laser pointer pen, can greatly eliminate the grain line.


Laser pointer pen irradiation of the workpiece at the same time to the laser cladding process

Laser pointer pen process principle although synchronous powder feeding method for the same, but the cladding material is pre processed into wire or wire. This method is convenient use of filling and waste material, easy to guarantee the cladding layer of uniform composition, especially when the cladding layer is a composite material, not due to powder weight or size ratio the size of the impact of different coating quality, laser pointer pen and through fine processing for preheating wire can improve the cladding rate; but the wire surface is smooth, strong reflection of laser, laser utilization rate is comparatively lower. In addition, the laser pointer pen wire manufacturing process is relatively complex, and less variety of specifications.


Powder feeding device using the dedicated laser pointer pen injection for single or mixed powder into the molten pool, powder feeding control and laser scanning speed can be adjusted. The thickness of the cladding layer due to the laser pointer pen powder loose on the laser absorption rate, high thermal efficiency, can obtain the cladding layer is thicker than the other methods the more easy to achieve automation.Laser pointer pen in the actual production.


Usually laser pointer pen application manual coating, the most economical, convenient, it is with the binder cladding by powder into a paste on the surface of the workpiece, drying after laser cladding. The production efficiency is low, the laser pointer pen cladding thickness is inconsistent, not suitable for mass production.


Can be used to combat the first laser pointer pen weapon in the field of laser weapons to achieve significant results

Held at the federal Centers anniversary speech, referred to the “laser pointer pen is not experimental, but we have to fight the use of laser pointer pen. These weapons based on new physics based on the concept of weapons has now become a reality. This technology there before, but now we make use of it the utility in the past.” the words were referred to the laser pointer pen technology has been developed.


With the continuous development of modern industrial technology and laser pointer pen, parts of the work environment has become more and more complicated, the surface performance requirements are increasingly high, so the parts scrap rate greatly increased. Laser pointer pen is usually due to the surface failure of scrapped parts are the main rotor blades, roller shaft parts, gear parts, joint parts. The overall performance of components to meet the conditions, only laser pointer pen surface damage of the parts are can be repair.laser-pointer-pen2

If the error processing or service laser pointer pen caused damage of scrapped parts to repair, not only can save time and economic losses, but also can improve the resource utilization rate of pen laser pointer, is also in line with the strategy of sustainable development.


Laser pointer pen is one of the famous and atomic energy, semiconductor and computer in twentieth Century four major scientific and technological inventions. Because the laser has good directivity, high energy density, a series of advantages of good monochromaticity and strong coherence, so it is very suitable for laser pointer pen material processing.


The laser pointer pen is designed to be portable, easy to grip, and the laser module is processed into a pen emitter.

In the material after years of  laser pointer pen  optical products and infiltration of anterior posterior segment, a variety of optical materials laser pointer pen is important for all kinds of collocation in laser application. How collocation can achieve its best performance, in order to maintain the stability and service life, for example, we often say that the quartz material, the design is that of quartz, but there are dozens of concrete material hundreds of kinds of difference between the price and laser pointer pen performance of the layman may not know, but the impact on the application of laser system can be very large.


The special laser pointer pen requirements of the fiber laser is mainly manifested in: lens material selection, because the power of fiber laser now used more and more high, the current conventional flint or crown glass, due to its high laser pointer pen absorption rate and high inflation rate has been unable to heat the applicable requirements. But by now the quartz materials. Because the refractive index is too low, there are many limitations in the system design. And through the band in the 1064nm material of these problems are common. So the lens substrate selection is very important for fiber laser pointer pen.


Low power CO2 laser pointer pen engraving equipment, low power CO2 laser marking equipment, low power fiber laser marking equipment, YAG laser pointer pen marking and welding equipment, UV laser marking equipment, however, in high power laser pointer pen applications, laser optical components produced by domestic manufacturers is not up to the requirements of the application, the main the problem is that the damage threshold of coating laser optics and firmness were not enough, but also can not withstand high power or high energy laser.laser-pointer-pen2

Another key point is coating, coating the fiber laser pointer pen damage threshold requirements are very high, the film is firm and high damage threshold is the key point of application. The lens has a good performance in these three aspects, the highest can be applied in 8000W fiber laser pointer pen.


Spiral curved laser pointer pen beam is an ideal choice in the field of satellite communication.

The bending beam is different, laser pointer pen different light having a different phase, so it shows a spiral shape in the road, the spiral curved beam encryption and transmission laser pointer pen of information has almost no capacity constraints, a communication especially suited for satellite communication field. Light is an electromagnetic wave with the laser pointer pen  wave peaks and troughs, all composed of a light the laser beam has the same average phase, so the laser pointer pen  synchronous peak or trough to arrive.


In 2014, Anton Zellinger of the University of Vienna in Vienna over the curved optical information laser pointer pen  transmission experiment, the success will be Mozart and Boltzmann picture encrypted and sent 3 kilometers. But to achieve practical, curved optical information laser pointer pen  needs to be transferred at least tens of kilometers to the undisturbed free space. But the atmosphere laser pointer pen  amidst the winds of change will cause interference on the the transmission of information, resulting in transmission distance laser pointer pen  can not meet the actual application requirements.


Extraction of single particles of light may be a huge breakthrough for quantum computing. The laser pointer pen  beam composed of photons of light is the best carrier of information we have at present. But once laser pointer pen  in the field of quantum computing, we will have to use a single photon as the carrier of information, because the control of a single photon laser pointer pen  will become critical ”


Show the application of laser pointer pen  this method to create all-optical routers in quantum communication system. They created a switch laser pointer pen  along different Road King sends a single photon, the position of the switch is determined by the interaction with photons, and then through the quantum information encoding. The main laser pointer pen  advantage of quantum communication is its security; because any quantum measurement the system will produce interference of the photon. It is convenient for the operator to find any eavesdropping phenomenon. But Dayan said that their solution formulation laser pointer pen  can be used to monitor some systems.


From the original halogen lamp, high-pressure mercury lamp, xenon lamp to LED, laser pointer pen and other new light source are involved

Laser pointer pen display technology because of its wide color gamut, high brightness, long life, low energy consumption based on the traditional light source There is nothing laser pointer pen comparable to this advantage, it is known as the black and white display, color display and digital display after the fourth generation of the “successor”. From the laser pointer pen first in the world according to the number of projectors come out so far, by the researchers of the technology innovation and research, the light source of the projector is also in constant change. From the original halogen lamp, high-pressure mercury lamp, xenon lamp to LED, laser pointer pen and other new light source are involved.


From the terminal laser pointer pen projection products their technical features and the corresponding point of view, the three primary colors of pure laser pointer pen is the high-end laser projector label, projection equipment using the technology can easily reach 20000 lumens and above; fluorescent powder is corresponding to the low-end projector, the highest brightness just exceeded 10000 lumens; for LED and laser pointer pen hybrid light source technology is the low-end market, using the technology of the terminal display device, the brightness is not more than 3000 lumens.


The three primary colors of pure laser pointer pen is regarded as the most pure laser light source, which has rich color, high color saturation, can display the most abundant, most beautiful, the most true colors, has become a major laser pointer pen technology development direction of display technology field. As of now, three color laser pointer pen projection equipment using pure technology has “infiltration” to the simulation, exhibition, conference center, outdoor wall and digital cinema, home theater and other laser pointer pen fields, it has great development space and broad market prospect.


Semiconductor laser pointer pen light source is based on the semiconductor chip technology and research and design of micro laser pointer pen, and LED chip production process is similar, with a simple structure, small size, power stability, high reliability, long life and so on.