Red laser can be tissue reflection, scattering or transmission, the purpose is to let the specific region (target chromophore) laser absorption

The photothermal effect means (laser generated) temperature (heat) has a series of influence on the organization, above a certain temperature by skin cell death induced by injury. Selective photothermolysis simply is greater than the tissue around the target area, the absorption of red laser contrast, bigger and laser2

In the Department of Dermatology, the skin is the main target of chromophore melanin, hemoglobin and water, they are in a different wavelength of red laser have different absorption capacity, higher call absorption peak, because of the different peaks, convenient for doctors to selectively use different wave length of laser, both against the enemy again, don’t hurt people.

red laser3

Have the basic knowledge of the above, is not difficult to understand why the red laser can be the treatment of vascular diseases, why can treat pigment disease, why can the laser to tattoo, laser hair removal can be why, these are selective photothermolysis + appropriate wavelength of laser light to.

red laser1

Effect of wide spectrum red laser is very significant to eliminate inflammation, so some are progressive inflammatory acne can be considered to try this, those who leave acne subsided after the acne, or we say pigmentation, can also solve the light.4-5 a course with strong pulse interval of 3 weeks, 1 months.