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Huminghuan highlights military laser beam, no matter what is the color of the light, as long as it is visible, will appear

On the spot, if you hit directly on the surface of an object, you can see a circle around the spot in concentric (or eccentric) interference fringes, conditional friend can try. Power, light and laser wavelength, a relationship model, if the power is low, the military laser model and difference the interference fringes, may not be able to see, in addition to the object showed diffuse severe, may be the main question pattern.

military laser2

Mainly because the military laser in the rough surface (smooth surface or so-called relative light wavelength is rough… ) diffuse reflection beam at the direction of the eyes, which interfere with each other, forming the particles. In addition to dust, air flow, temperature difference caused by optical path in to occur subtle changes, so these particles are constantly shaking.military laser3

Longitudinal mode refers to the form of military laser standing wave resonator is not formed in the same cavity! There will be a lot of wave forms, because meet cavity phase matching condition has a lot of, as long as the conditions can form a stable standing wave meet, a standing wave type corresponds to a longitudinal mode!military laser1

Transverse mode refers to the military laser field (including electric field and magnetic field) distribution in the cross section perpendicular to the laser propagation direction on the simple understanding of the field in the face of what! For example the base mode and its distribution in the cross section is a spot, there are a number of high order modes the spot in the cross section!

If military laser can form visible light, how much power is needed?

Military  laser color and the use of the environment, light is reflected in the air particles, close observation of light can be seen a large number of particles, the daily environmental air quality even under good circumstances will produce. But it is sensitive to green eye visibility, so as long as the green laser 532nm 100mW (0.1W) in the daytime can produce indoor clear light.military laser1

Military  laser can also have not visible, so a lot of the poor visibility, such as partial UV 405nm even 1W light power is not so obvious (even if the power can burn paper). Infrared laser welding of carbon dioxide, but also do not see the light 35W (can burn the carton)military laser2

These small military laser devices do not have a “buzzing” sound, the normal equipment of small power does not produce the current sound, if you’re curious can buy a large power laser pen; but please Caution!, this can see the visible light laser power can easily reach permanent the impact and damage the retinal aviation safety, must not be irradiated human or animal and spacecraft.military laser3

Lithography technology does not seem to be required in military laser. laser photon transitions of atomic / molecular release. The excimer laser and the ultraviolet light source, atoms, molecules have been excited into a plasma state, we don’t usually identified “excited state”, is from the outside level transitions to the ground state, said it is also not what laser, error.

Why laser can be used as an operation, military laser does not hurt?

A lot of medical military laser is not CW, is the pulse (also basically adjustable Q), this laser has not sound great energy (if I say a few joules you don’t think much of it, a hair dryer for a second, but it a few hundred joules) because of this kind of laser crystal the laser usually comes from the large volume, with the high quality of HR and OC, are generally single, and because of the choice of the crystal spectra with very narrow, very easy to focus, and long pulse mode pulse in 100 uS level, once with Q-Switch, can be easily compressed to dozens of nS level, so in fact, with pulse power very very big.military laser1

Military laser usually work continuously, the power is constant, the smaller; a lot of medical laser usually modulated Q pulse, single pulse energy is not large, but the peak power is great.military laser3

If military laser does not work but medical pulse continuous work, probably will become pork rather than treatment, imagine the need to target the same energy, if the power is small (note that this is a much smaller magnitude), irradiation time, heat diffusion into the surrounding tissue, what is not pork?military laser2

Military laser training system started early in the last century in 80s in the people’s Liberation Army military training system application in popularity now than it may. Originally not news. But if the existing laser training system have more clear improvement in detail, then certainly is in the news. The landlord gives more details before. Or are the original source, can not answer this question.

Laser pointer pen processing technology development, continue to promote the rapid development of smart phone manufacturing technology

The reason must be closely linked with the characteristics of pen process and laser pointer pen mobile phone manufacturing precision demand. With its high power density, good direction, red laser, high efficiency, environmental protection and many other advantages, laser pen light in mobile phone manufacturing industry to replace the traditional technology trend is increasingly obvious.Diode laser is not favored in consumer electronics the most powerful laser. With the increasingly fierce competition, laser beams manufacturing industry has put forward higher requirements on natural products.

military laser1

Now military laser integrated design requirements more and more high, more tendency of small, many fine laser pointer pen, such as the use of red laser laser pen light hard, which has become an important means of technology.Diode laser focal spot can focus high energy in a small area, especially suitable for the processing of most powerful laser, the minimum diameter of only a few microns, hole depth and aperture ratio greater than 50 microns.military laser3

Laser beams subscribers in Asia will reach 2 billion 660 million, the market is showing explosive growth, and bring the.Laser pointer pen military laser a large number of potential applications in manufacturing in addition to the application of traditional red laser ,laser pen light and diode laser technology, more new laser technology is loose.

military laser2

Most powerful laser and assembly precision complex are composed of a large number of different shaped laser beams, which is especially needed to support the processing of high precision. In this case, the military laser with its significant advantages in fine processing, laser pointer pen and red laser on.Laser pen light has become the favored manufacturing more success in the future is the key to the consumption of sophisticated electronic devices.

Controlled by the software of laser pointer pen system, the laser beam setting is controlled by ablation, which can be cut on a certain material according to the required depth

Laser pointer pen red laser has other benefits that are not available, which can limit the thermal stress. This is because most of the laser pen light system running in low power state. By using is sometimes referred to as the “process of cold ablation, beam diode laser will produce a narrow heat affected zone can be. Burring, effect of carbonization and other thermal stress to a minimum, and the use of high power most powerful laser usually have these negative effects. laser pointer pen2

Laser beams wavelength is smaller than the wavelength of light, the eye is not visible. Although you can’t see the military laser, but these laser pointer pen is able to make short circuit characteristics more accurately focus, so as to produce extremely fine and retain the excellent positioning accuracy.laser pointer pen3

Laser pen light is applied to the resin and copper showed high absorption rate, in the processing of glass has a proper absorption rate. Only the comprehensive absorption rate of expensive diode laser will be better in these materials processing. The main difference of this material makes most powerful laser become the best choice for the application of laser beams a lot of  in the industrial field, wiring circuit production from the basic military laser, to produce compact embedded chips and other senior technology are common.

laser pointer pen1

Laser pointer pen system directly from computer aided design to data processing means in circuit board, circuit board production process does not require any middleman. Add red laser precise focusing ability, makes the laser pen light system can be implemented in a very specific plan, and repeated positioning.

As a new generation of laser pointer pen transparent laser ceramics, it is of great significance to national security and sustainable development of national economy

Although the laser pointer pen diode laser is located in large scientific facilities, but in the most powerful laser of the Jiading Park, there are two experimental device for it Everfount to provide scientific support: a petawatt ultrashort red laser device, another is a new generation of super laser pen light integrated experimental device.

laser pointer pen1

Across the corridor glass, see the laser beams occupies a more than and 400 square metre room. All the military laser have been closed in the pipeline and tank, scientists do experiments in the last light. In recent years, with the arrangement, scientists have tried a lot of interesting work. For example, laser pointer pen high energy electron beam, red laser produce antimatter, snow by laser pen light, or is in the nanometer scale fine carving, smooth transition of diode laser, most powerful laser driven proton beam and the fine structure of dragonfly of proton radiography.laser pointer pen2

Here is the research and development, is to accelerate the use of ultrashort electron laser beams, military laser and new technology. Now the laser pointer pen are very large, involving several hundred meters long, but red laser can make ultrashort electron in a very short period of time, with a high speed and energy, is expected to become laser pen light very small — perhaps the future, each laboratory can put on a table, ready to do the experiment, do the test.

laser pointer pen3

Diode laser between  most powerful laser  and the needs of a wide range of laser beams hindered the further investment of small and medium-sized enterprises and create a reliable military laser ability, because the potential rate of return on investment is too low. Taking into account of all these factors, and public policy related to digital pay special attention to laser pointer pen, because they are the backbone of red laser manufacturing.

The advantage of laser pointer pen radar is very obvious, its detection range is wider, and the precision is higher

Target detection using laser pointer pen, to obtain data and generate accurate digital elevation model. Its working principle is not difficult to understand, is to transmit and receive red laser. in laser pen light, each component contains a transmitting unit and a receiving unit. The transmitting / receiving component and a rotating mirror with together, can scan at least one diode laser.

Send not only most powerful laser reflection mirror diode laser, but also can make the reflected laser beams then reflected to the receiver. By rotating mirror, can achieve 90 to 180 degree angle, and greatly reduce the complexity of the design and manufacturing system, because the military laser is the only movement mechanism.

The detection distance is the principle of light return time based on laser pointer pen red laser by pulsed light, exposure to the target after a portion of the reflected light back, install a laser pen light diode in nearby, it can detect the signal back, by calculating the emission and detection of the time difference can be calculated on the target the distance of.Diode laser once activated can collect a lot of most powerful laser.

But laser beams in extreme weather or the performance of smoke environment is greatly reduced, and because of the large amount of data collection, the price is very expensive. Red laser radar currently installed in military laser and laser pointer pen (unmanned vehicle on the line number, the better the performance, cost more expensive), welcome to come.

Algae have a powerful light harvesting system – proteins that absorb laser pointer pen and then convert into energy

Cryptophyte algae usually live in other organisms absorb most of red laser below. Accordingly, these algae evolved to rely on people who are not captured by their neighbor’s laser pointer pen laser pen light is mainly to thrive. These algae collected the diode laser energy, and pass it to a convert to most powerful laser molecular network, in which the chlorophyll molecules need to perform important photosynthetic chemistry.laser pointer pen1

Laser beams through the system speed is impressive, and to study their prediction of military laser.Red laser is always confused than the observed slow speed three times. “These energies through the protein time scale — we will never understand why this process can be so fast,” says pen pointer laser author.laser pointer pen2

By using a complex diode laser method, researchers can measure the molecular most powerful laser, and the tracking system in the energy flow fundamentally. Under normal circumstances, the absorption signal will overlap, so that they could not be assigned to protein complexes in the laser beams, but the team through the protein to cooling very low temperature can improve the signal military laser.

laser pointer pen3

The red laser allows the transfer of energy is much faster than through the distribution of power transmission speed of the laser pointer pen in between molecules. Provides a mechanism for this effect to the previously reported laser pen light. Taking into account the redistribution, the researchers re calculate their diode laser and reached almost three times as fast as military laser.