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Most powerful laser weapons can be used to defend the mirror it?

I come into contact with the most powerful laser, most of them are not visible light, cutting and engraving the basic principle is to use can change the angle of the “mirror” to reflect the laser, so as to draw traces. So some friends mentioned invisible laser is not the mirror reflection is not correct. Visible eye is standard, and the mirror.

most powerful laser1

Most powerful laser wavelength has a great relationship and generation of laser medium. The laser in high pressure CO2 gas generated, can easily open the paper, but no matter how much power can be cut into half aluminum cans. YAG laser can cut stainless steel plate easily, but only a little bit on the board to change the color of role.

most powerful laser2

When it comes to the most powerful laser can use weapons defense. Of course the mirror defense, because the reflection rate of the mirror is particularly high, basically can do 100% reflective, so all the light for its are reflected. The mirror is made of glass plate, glass surface roughness is very high, because the glass is generally used tin bath by the float process production, with the reflective surface so the reflection rate is very high.

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In fact, cannot use a mirror to defend most powerful laser weapons, because you can not guarantee that the mirror surface always spotless. This is the key issue. In industry, galvanometer laser are installed in a fully sealed structure, in order to avoid the dust mirror interference.

“Most powerful laser” input text by identifying the laser and the strong light source, and converting the text into a text file

As an auxiliary tool, “most powerful laser” by identifying the laser and strong light source input text, and the text into a text file, generated using voice translation software Python, from text input to speech conversion function, so that patients with language disorder “speak”.

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The past inconveniences and language barriers to speak have to rely on others to help, or a high head mounted most powerful laser., “we hope to provide a visual text can be transformed into low cost voice solutions for patients.


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The device’s built-in infrared detector, transmitter, a battery and a series of different types of most powerful laser, can maintain the low delay while the game is running. It is equipped ith a LED lamp can make you clear your packet. This principle is to use the APP mobile phone camera as the first perspective to help you see the whole world. And display the icon in the mobile phone screen, including the front sight and your record.most powerful laser3

Experts said that many vibration Big Ben metal is too small, invisible to the naked eye, but we can use most powerful laser to get more than 500 measurements in Big Ben on the surface, it is unable to realize the previous technique. The results of the study show that Big Ben than other similar sized bell Genghou, heavier weight, due to frequency and the strength of the contour of the clock, the diameter of many different vibration or patterns, which lead to unexpected higher pitch.

Most powerful laser the effects of integrated and reliable backfire isolator to protect all modules from back light

Most powerful laser is the key of the scanning head working distance, focal spot size and scanning range. One of the benefits of using high brightness fiber laser is that it can increase the working distance and scanning range, and can obtain the focal spot size is smaller, in order to improve the welding speed and increase welding penetration. Listed in the table two commercial scanning head products and display more high brightness laser benefits.most powerful laser1

Most powerful laser is the choice of a complex problem for each application. Generally speaking, the short weld number more, and distributed in a larger area. Compared with the fixed optical head welding, remote laser welding advantage is greater. Ennai has been used after processing technology shortens the period of up to 50% of the cases. The welding system demand and benefit.most powerful laser2

Most powerful laser the welding point swing in welding area, including welding or machining process shape complex, better use of scanning processing speed and accuracy of small amplitude high speed than using robots. The scanning speed of the scanning head can reach 90 per minute to 180m, and the maximum velocity of traditional robot only about 10m/min.most powerful laser3

Most powerful laser processing materials with high thermal conductivity, it is best to use a small spot, in order to maintain the stability of the keyhole, but this process may make the process too sharply, resulting in a large number of welding spatter. The experimental results show that high brightness laser scanning head with remote high-speed positioning, significantly reduce welding spatter, it is through the beam swing to ensure the welding hole stability to achieve.

We are in the eve of the laser pointer pen industry, is the eve of the rise, where laser display support for the laser industry is very important

Laser pointer pen is born as the mainstream direction of laser development and stable development for a period of time. After high powered pointer became the mainstream of solid , and gas lasers (especially CO2 laser) the highest peak power peak power development slow.10 m most powerful laser high peak power is achieved than solid in the 1 m wavelength laser from the low 2 to 3 orders of magnitude (respectively and TW petawatt). Burning laser pointer is introduced into the mainstream direction is to reduce the gas laser and solid state laser peak power and the main countermeasures of the gap between the longer development.laser-pointer-pen-2

Long distance laser pointer pen communication link, distributed amplifier can compensate the attenuation of the signal in the transmission process. In order to realize the transmission of almost no loss in the fiber, the scientists used various methods to make the high powered laser pointer transmission gain, and realize the amplifier spontaneous emission (ASE) noise controlled by transfer of. Most powerful laser as a Raman laser provides a solution to achieve approximate lossless transmission and the burning laser pointer noise to a minimum.laser-pointer-pen-3

The main pump laser pointer pen from two power equal to the wavelength of 1365nm laser were injected into the silicon single-mode fiber from both ends, the structure of bidirectional pumping have to be combined with high powered laser pointer  is located at both ends of the fiber Prague grating reflector and optical fiber. In order to most powerful laser pumped most Stokes peak matching set the center wavelength of the grating is burning laser pointer.laser-pointer-pen-1

The grating and the whole laser pointer pen to form a laser cavity, if the main pump power is greater than the SRS threshold necessary to overcome the central wavelength of the high powered laser  pointer attenuation, is the entire section of fiber becomes a long most powerful laser. In this way, a the wavelength for dynamic stability of 1455nm’s two burning laser pointer will have a two-way pump in the cavity.


Laser pointer pen since the middle of the last century was born, is no longer confined to the laboratory, but further to get in by every opening of human production and life.

Endless exploration, application without limit. Laser pointer pen technology and its application in today’s constantly challenge people’s imagination.Most powerful laser since the middle of the last century was born, is no longer confined to the laboratory, but further to get in by every opening of human production and life, both in the industrial manufacturing field, or health care, entertainment and other industries “ laser pointer pen, an instance of the meet the eye everywhere life changing”.


Sometimes, the laser pointer pen in normal vision such as battlefield most powerful laser weapons, long-range laser welding in the automobile manufacturing, laser pointer pen solar cell processing. Sometimes, it is everywhere, for example: most powerful laser barcode scanning supermarket, fiber-optic broadband network fast and convenient home, show. On the bizarre laser dance. The ubiquitous laser pointer pen, human beings seem to have well versed in the way of application.laser-pointer-pen3

In the laser pointer pen precision welding technology and application, most powerful laser industry bigwigs have to invest heavily in research and development. Laser pointer pen seamless welding technology of vessel only in the car, in the past, the use of aircraft and other high precision manufacturing, to ensure the stability of the overall structure of the safety of.Most powerful laser to the light of God shine into the home appliance manufacturing industry.


In the non intelligent mobile phone popular period, many mobile phone keys on the character identification is obtained by laser pointer pen technology in intelligent processing; mobile phone era, in addition to the widely used in mobile phone manufacturing most powerful laser welding, laser cutting, laser engraving technology, but also can make the mobile phone camera laser focusing technology faster focusing. And on the desktop projection virtual touch screen on the wall, showing mobile phone video / picture laser pointer pen intelligent projection technology. As an advanced processing method, the most powerful laser technology in precision machining exhibition shows more and more advantages.


The laser pointer pen is used to linearly focus and cut the glass substrate along the thickness direction, and it is divided into various geometric shapes.

The use of function change as thin as hair material laser pointer pen cutting process, collocation ultrashort picosecond laser pulse, like perforation, cutting and scraping glass anti high hardness, the thickness of the continuous development of up to 2 microns thick.Laser pointer pen technology, most powerful laser technology to the next stage of the process used in the electronics industry the required processing all brittle material at present. Especially suitable for chemical projects and heat strengthened glass, and applied to the case of sapphire are increasing, the most powerful laser used in the manufacture of a tablet computer, intelligent mobile phone or camera cover glass display type and wearable devices required.


Laser pointer pen is the basic technology section: clean in a similar way to modify the substrate. The perforation process with moderate energy input, substrate processing very mild. This is because the laser pointer pen uses a modified beam source, is different from the previous most powerful laser. ultrashort pulse which set the special adjustment of the optical system. To form a linear longitudinal focusing cutting marks (image 1). The cutting surface roughness less than 0.5 microns (2 images). This most powerful laser does not have to be expensive for the edge grinding operation.


Application of electronic glass as a material, not only to increase the hardness and wear resistance, elasticity and softness, and almost certainly need to have a touch sensitivity, such as.Laser pointer pen touch display technology innovation is a prerequisite, in order to match the display manufacturing efficiency and the synthesis of high quality. The technology to mass production market. One of the main reasons for the most powerful laser is to use the mobile device terminal processing materials, requires very high specifications of the equipment.


The equipment development of manufacturing industry is more and more mature, pointer pen laser cutting equipment is widely used in all walks of life

How to cut squareness. Sheet metal thickness is more than 10mm, laser pointer pen vertical cutting edge is very important. From the focus, laser pointer pen becomes divergent according to the focus position, cutting toward the top or bottom of variable width. The cutting edge deviation from the vertical line% a few millimeters, more vertical edge cutting quality, the higher the.


Laser pointer pen cutting roughness. Laser cutting section will form vertical lines, texture depth determines the cutting surface roughness, the more shallow lines, laser pointer pen cutting section more smooth. The roughness not only affects the appearance of the edge, also affect the friction characteristics, in most cases, the need to reduce the roughness so, the more shallow laser pointer pen lines, the cutting quality is higher.


Laser pointer pen cutting width. The kerf width generally does not affect the cutting quality, only formed special precision contour inside the device, it has an important influence on the cutting width, this is because the laser pointer pen determines the minimum cutting width in the contour, when the plate thickness increases, the cutting width is also increased. So I want to ensure the same high precision, no matter how big the kerf width, cutting the workpiece in the machining area of laser pointer pen should be constant.


Laser pointer pen high speed cutting thread cutting plate, the molten metal does not appear perpendicular to the laser beam below the cut, but in the laser beam after partial injection. Results, bending lines are formed on the cutting edge, texture closely follow the movement of the laser beam, in order to correct this problem, reduce the feed rate and cutting end in laser pointer pen, can greatly eliminate the grain line.


Can be used to combat the first laser pointer pen weapon in the field of laser weapons to achieve significant results

Held at the federal Centers anniversary speech, referred to the “laser pointer pen is not experimental, but we have to fight the use of laser pointer pen. These weapons based on new physics based on the concept of weapons has now become a reality. This technology there before, but now we make use of it the utility in the past.” the words were referred to the laser pointer pen technology has been developed.


With the continuous development of modern industrial technology and laser pointer pen, parts of the work environment has become more and more complicated, the surface performance requirements are increasingly high, so the parts scrap rate greatly increased. Laser pointer pen is usually due to the surface failure of scrapped parts are the main rotor blades, roller shaft parts, gear parts, joint parts. The overall performance of components to meet the conditions, only laser pointer pen surface damage of the parts are can be repair.laser-pointer-pen2

If the error processing or service laser pointer pen caused damage of scrapped parts to repair, not only can save time and economic losses, but also can improve the resource utilization rate of pen laser pointer, is also in line with the strategy of sustainable development.


Laser pointer pen is one of the famous and atomic energy, semiconductor and computer in twentieth Century four major scientific and technological inventions. Because the laser has good directivity, high energy density, a series of advantages of good monochromaticity and strong coherence, so it is very suitable for laser pointer pen material processing.